Our History

Engage for Development began as an alumni group of veterans of the El Salvador Project, who had an interest in continuing to be involved in engineering and relief work in developing countries. In 2008 it was decided to set up a formal body to help facilitate the El Salvador Project and similar initiatives in the future. This culminated in Engage for Development being incorporated into the Companies House and registered in the Charity Commission in 2010. The charitable company currently has three Trustees/Directors who are responsible for the overall coordination of the company. Engage for Development is also advised and assisted by its Patrons, Officers and General Supporters.


The Charity

Engage for Development operates according to its core Objects as a charitable company. Our mission is primarily to faciliate engineering projects for development in poverty-stricken communities throughout the world by providing grants and support, whilst promoting a knowledge exchange between the individuals involved. The type of projects facilitated by Engage for Development are characterised by aspects such as:

  • The volunteers fundraise for, organise, manage and work on live engineering projects in the developing world aimed at poverty relief.
  • The volunteers work in a team, which is integrated with the local community of the project and works hand in hand on all construction works with the locals.
  • The aim is both poverty relief and education via a knowledge exchange, where the volunteers offer their engineering skills in return for practical experience, advice and training.
  • The project seeks to reach a total design solution, where not only the technical aspects are solved for a particular problem but where the societal and environmental aspects are also brought to the forefront.

Our primary work and support offered centres around three core activities. The first consists of providing grants, where the charitable company allows fundraising to be carried out under its name for the specific purpose of supporting a certain project. Second, Engage also acts as a knowledge base where accumulated lessons learnt and useful info can be disseminated. Third, Engage provides a networking node where people interested in the projects can interact.


In furtherance of such exclusively charitable purposes as the trustees shall determine and in particular to facilitate:

  1. The relief of those in poverty primarily through engineering work, particularly by reason of natural or manmade disaster;
  2. The education of individuals and groups in developing countries with particular reference to sharing engineering knowledge and expertise.
  3. The education of individuals and groups in developed countries by spreading awareness of poverty, and in addition the sharing of engineering knowledge and expertise.