The El Salvador Project 2012 focused on building two prototype seismically resistant houses in the town of Berlin in Usulután, El Salvador. The houses were designed by Sebastian Kaminski, El Salvador project leader in 2007, current employee of Arup and co-director of Engage for Development, following his research into low-cost housing in El Salvador and throughout Latin America. The new designs were a response to the analysis and evaluation that he had carried out on existing REDES housing designs and had two principle aims: to be cheap and seismically resistant. In addition to this, they were to be constructed from locally sourced and sustainable materials wherever possible.


The beneficiary families were encouraged to remain heavily involved at all stages so that they could learn some of the construction techniques involved and gain a basic understanding of the principles of seismically resistant design.


More details on the El Salvador Project 2012 can be found in the report written by the students.