The main goal of the 2011 project was the retrofitting of 28 houses in the community of San Jose to improve their sustainability in a highly seismic zone. The team, composed of 10 students and led by Alistair Larsson, worked in small groups of 3-4 people, mixed with members of the local community in all stages of the retrofit, as well as other works. The team were able to exchange knowledge and skills with the local community, enabling the locals to maintain the work to their homes in the future. This also meant that the students could be educated in the far more efficient and labour saving methods that the locals has in carrying out many of the tasks.

By the end of the 6 weeks project the team and the local community had:

  1. Retrofitted 28 homes, improving their structural stability in a highly seismic zone;
  2. Rebuilt the walls of the two homes destroyed by landslides; conditioned 28 houses with cement plastic to fill cracks, impermeable paint and micro sealant to minimise water damage to the walls;
  3. Extended the roofs of 5 houses to keep walls dry, and trained a local team to continue roof extensions on the remaining houses.