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El Salvador Project 2013

The El Salvador project was established in 2002 within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College London and has been supported by Engage for Development every year since 2009. For more information on Engage’s involvement in previous projects, visit our past projects page.   In 2013, the El Salvador Project, in partnership with

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El-Salvador Project 2012

The El Salvador Project 2012 focused on building two prototype seismically resistant houses in the town of Berlin in Usulután, El Salvador. The houses were designed by Sebastian Kaminski, El Salvador project leader in 2007, current employee of Arup and co-director of Engage for Development, following his research into low-cost housing in El Salvador and

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Over the summer between August and September of 2013 a group of 11 Students from the University of Cambridge were in Ecuador to construct a series of three prototype houses. The first was a design in line with the houses produced by the partner NGO of the Ecohouse Initiative, Techo. The second was an adapted

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El Salvador Project 2011

The main goal of the 2011 project was the retrofitting of 28 houses in the community of San Jose to improve their sustainability in a highly seismic zone. The team, composed of 10 students and led by Alistair Larsson, worked in small groups of 3-4 people, mixed with members of the local community in all

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